In-Home Newborn Sessions

Maybe you want a little more candid imagery. You want to capture your new baby in the home that you brought him to. An In-Home Newborn Session may be the option for you!

In-home lifestyle newborn sessions are photographed in your own home, capturing those sweet days when baby first arrived. Your home is a special place, and the place where you are most comfortable. Siblings are encouraged to take part in the session, and so are pets!

In-Home sessions are perfect for babies of any age. We can schedule ahead of the game and I can hang out in your house a week or two after the baby arrives. But, these sessions are also perfect for the family who has an “older” baby (past 4 weeks) but still wants to capture the first few weeks.

The images are meant to capture candid, raw, organic moments to preserve this special time in your life. Some images may not show everyone’s face, but rather will depict how tiny the new baby actually was in dad’s hands, or the snuggles that mom loved to give in the rocking chair. Creating these memories does not mean creating the most perfect, looking-at-the-camera-and-smiling images. In fact, you will rarely hear me say to look at the camera at all!

Ultimately, the main goal of a Lifestyle Newborn Session is to capture the baby in his early days at his new home. However, Lifestyle sessions lend themselves to being a bit more flexible since we are not posing the baby into those squishy newborn poses. Lifestyle images are mostly unposed (with a little bit of guidance to ensure the best angle and lighting is captured), so these sessions can take place anywhere from one to twelve weeks of age.

Each in-home session will take place on a weekday (Monday-Thursday) and begin at 12pm. The actual length of the session can vary. It can be anywhere from one to two hours. The length depends on the cooperation of the baby and any siblings. My session flow is guided by the littlest ones in the household. If they need to eat, we stop to feed. If they need to be changed, we stop to change. 

Lifestyle sessions do not include the meticulously “posed” images of the baby. Most images will be of the baby and family together around your own home. View the In-Home Newborn Portfolio Here.


Because of the candid nature of these sessions, In-Home Newborn Sessions differ from studio sessions. Please leave your information below for a full PDF of the Investment Guide.

Pre-booking is always recommended (before your due date), but as these sessions are suited for babies of all ages, please do not hesitate to reach out if your baby is already here.