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Everyone Needs a Professional Headshot

It's not all babies and families in the studio! Blueprint Photography is also a well-known Delaware headshot photographer, specializing in giving your website, LinkedIn, and marketing materials a professional touch.

The Delaware photography studio schedules individual headshots during the week near Wilmington, DE. However, this law firm needed their entire staff photographed. When offices need more than five employees' headshots, I bring the studio to you!

This is perfect for law offices, dentist offices, real estate offices, and any other professional business office located in Delaware, southern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Cecil County, Maryland. 

BMI Law needed all of their staff photographed to create their professional website. We set up in their office for a day to photograph everyone while they worked! As the firm adds new employees, the headshot photography studio is just a few minutes down the road and any new employee stops over to create their headshot to match the rest of the company.

Whether you're searching for your own headshot to further your career, or you're a company looking for employee headshots, Blueprint Photography is your local, go-to photography studio for corporate headshots.

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