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Why do all the GOOD photographers charge an arm and a leg?!

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Ok, so while we are sitting here without power (which happens often, living in the woods of Landenberg, PA!), I figured this would be a great time to write a blog post!

Let’s just dive right in. First off, let’s talk about “charging an arm and a leg,” shall we?

Not a single photographer in Delaware, Chester County, or the surrounding areas will charge “an arm and a leg.” We’ve all got plenty of storage issues as it is, we don’t need your limbs to add to the clutter of our gear, props, etc!

Just kidding (sort of).

I’m here to help you be more productive. When asking around for someone that “doesn’t charge an arm and a leg,” the question is actually quite unproductive. What may be expensive for one family, is affordable for another, and may even be cheap for another! 

I can guarantee you, recommendations will range from the cheaper photographer just beginning (maybe charging only $75, with not a lot of experience) to upwards of $2000-$4000 (where you will receive guidance, help, and high-quality work). “An arm and a leg” has different meanings for different people.

Take a moment to figure out what you’re really asking for from your Delaware and Chester County photographer:

  • Are you looking for someone brand new to photography, who may be building their portfolio? They will be charging the least amount.
  • Are you looking for quality? They’re going to be more expensive.
  • Are you looking for ways to display your images (so they don’t die on the Cloud?) Someone who walks you through the entire process from start to finish? They’ll cost even more.

What are your priorities for your session? 

As a newborn photographer in Delaware and Chester County, I am a huge advocate for printing your photos. Yes, it will be more of an investment - but that’s exactly what it is— 

An investment in your memories. Your child’s memories. Your walls that surround you will be smiling back at you, instead of stuck on Google photos, Dropbox, Amazon, or… wait, where did you store those files again???

So, do I charge an arm and a leg? Nope, don’t want it. 

Do I offer the most amazing albums, wall art, and client/family experience? Sure do!


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