Wedding Photography

You do you, boo.



And I’ll be there to photograph it, like a fly on the wall… or your sidekick BFF… or everything in-between!

Your wedding day is about YOU, and being with the people who you’ve deemed worthy of sharing your airspace for the big event (well, maybe a few others, but, the more the merrier, amiright?)

I’ll be hanging around, documenting the day as we go - in a style that shows the REAL moments, the REAL laughter, and the REAL day.


BPP Weddings is a fine blend of 80/20:

80% documentary (aka, candid, real, unposed in all it’s glory)

20% formal (aka, proper, kinda-posed-kinda-not, a tad bit directive, but just the right amount of bossiness, done as quickly and discretely as possible to keep you partying on all day long!)

What does that mean?!

I’ll use my photo ninja skills to be just enough out of the way when the moment calls for it, but also to quickly hop in to help “guide” things along (like that piece of hair that doesn’t want to stay put - fixed. Or the hair tie on the family member’s arm - gone. That missing bridal party member? I’m on it. Feeling awkward during portraits? I’ve got you.)


Right, well let's get to it! It's alright if you skipped over everything and came straight to find out pricing. You'll have plenty of time to go back and review the images once you see all the great things that are included with every wedding!

All BPP Weddings include:

  • Yours Truly (and my photo ninja abilities for the day)
  • Detailed timeline planning (curated by the organizational champion herself)
  • Online, downloadable gallery of your perfectly-edited images (true-to-the-day styling, just the right ‘pop’, so-true-you’ll-be-able-to-hear-the-laughter-through-the-photos kind of editing)
  • Access to my professional printing lab to proudly display your images
  • 30 miles radius of Hockessin, DE



(No Sunday availability)



  • 6-8 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Digital download of edited wedding images (approximately 400-600 images)
  • Your choice of: 11x14 Curved Metal, 16x20 Canvas, or 13x19 Fine Art Panel



TWO (*Second most popular)

  • 8-10 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Digital download of edited wedding images (approximately 500-700 images)
  • 8x8 Custom Wedding Album (30 pages)



THREE (*Most popular)

  • 8-10 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Digital download of edited wedding images (approximately 500-700 images)
  • 10x10 Custom Wedding Album (30 pages)
  • Your choice of: 11x14 Curved Metal, 16x20 Canvas, or 13x19 Fine Art Panel




  • 8-10 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Digital download of edited wedding images (approximately 500-700 images)
  • 12x12 Custom Wedding Album (30 pages)
  • Two duplicate Parent albums (8x8)
  • Your choice of: 11x14 Curved Metal, 16x20 Canvas, or 13x19 Fine Art Panel





  • Additional hours: $300/hr
  • Add a second photographer: $100/hr
  • Additional spreads to album: $75/spread (two pages per spread)
  • Add an engagement session with digital images: $400
  • Add an engagement session signature book (must also book an engagement session): $500
  • Duplicate parent album (8x8) (exact duplicate): $600


How it Works

In Four Steps:
Step 1: Meet
Step 2: Plan
Step 3: Party
Step 4: Re-live the day over, and over, and over, and ov… you get the idea

Meet: Let’s meet and grab a drink! Whether that drink is coffee or a glass of wine or beer, we will find a convenient location to meet. (I also have a studio located in Hockessin, but isn’t a pub just more fun?!) I’ll be scribbling down some notes as you tell me about your day! Don’t fret, notes are never final, so if a little detail changes, no worries.

Plan: I’m a little bit of an obsessive planner, which is great news for you! That means I’ll handle the timekeeping while you get to par-tay! Beforehand, we will create a timeline (more to keep my own head on straight, not for you to have to memorize!) Timelines are always flexible and adjustable, but let me handle the “what’s happening next” part of the day, and you stick to your part of just having fun!

Party: Self-explanatory.

Re-live the day: Your images will be delivered within 6-8 weeks of your wedding day, but you’ll have a few sneak peeks waiting for you on social media before that. Albums do take a bit longer, but DEFINITELY worth the wait. You’ll have your images to gawk over while you wait. Albums can be edited and finalized online or in-person at my studio.

Real Weddings

These galleries are real weddings. Not just "photographer's favorites," but the actual gallery that each couple received. Take a look around, and if you're finding yourself imagining your friends and family in these galleries, then we will get along well! Pop me your information in the contact form and we will schedule a time to meet!

Get In Touch

Are you welcoming a new member of the family? Documenting your family as they are now? Creating these portraits are important to you, which is why I will take the time to review all information with you, and help you to see your vision come to life.

Please leave your information below and I will be in touch within 24-48 business hours. I'll introduce you to my Delaware photography studio and we can chat all about your maternity, newborn or family session in Delaware, or the surrounding areas.


Where are you based? I live in Landenberg, with a studio in Hockessin.

What’s your editing style? True-to-life, with just enough pop.

Do you travel? Sure! Locations 30+ miles from Landenberg will require a travel fee, but I’ll go anywhere you wanna take me!

How many photos do you deliver? As many as I need to. (A typical 8-hour wedding usually has about 400-600)

How do you photograph a reception? Super candid, I pass the torch to the DJ at this point. I try to photograph each guest in a candid, fun moment, but let’s be real, some people don’t want to be photographed, and that’s OK! Occasionally I’ll ask “for a smile,” but for the most part, I’m there to document the true joy and laughs.

What happens if you get sick? I haven’t missed a wedding yet, BUT, I do have a network of photographers that I would 100% trust to take over if I happened to be on my death-bed… but let’s not think about that tragedy…

Do you require a meal at the reception? It would be lovely to have a hot meal, if you’d be so kind as to include me! Wedding days are looong days for a photographer! No harsh feelings if not. :)

Do you offer a second photographer? (Ok, this answer may be a bit wordy here…) You can always add on a second photographer, but most of the time I don’t actually find it necessary. With my ninja fly-on-the-wall skills, I’m able to cover the important ground, and sometimes it’s even easier if I plan to do it myself. We will discuss the plans for your day and I’ll give my opinions — however, it’s YOUR day, and your wish is my command! (Side note, if you’re hell-bent on every single flailing moment being captured, then what you really want is a videographer so they capture the movement! Remember, photography is still snippets of the day, not a flip-book movie! :P)