Small Business Spotlight: Delaware and Pennsylvania Weddings

Welcome to my very first Small Business Spotlight post! As a part of my monthly Small Business Spotlights, I am aiming to highlight some of my favorite vendors, stores, and other small businesses in the Delaware and Pennsylvania regions to help brides and grooms and new parents find some resources that they may need for their wedding day or the arrival of their new baby.

As a Delaware wedding photographer and Philadelphia area wedding photographer, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of different DJs at wedding receptions. I’ve probably said this statement a hundred times before, but there is one person in particular that when I arrive at the reception and see that he is the MC for the evening, I just KNOW that it’s going to be an AWESOME reception for the couple. Not only will I have a TON to photograph for the bride and groom (because just about everyone is up and dancing, laughing, and having a ball!), but you can see the pure joy and fun that HE has while entertaining, as well.

Photo credit: Blueprint Photography

Mike Simmons is the owner and DJ of Must Be the Music DJs, located on the PA border, making it easy for him to entertain at venues all over Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey… (and anywhere you want to take him!)  I’ve been lucky enough to photograph countless weddings where he was selected to lead the reception for the couple. So of course, when anyone asks for a DJ recommendation, he is the only guy I will send my brides and grooms to!

I was so excited when Mike was willing to be my first “Spotlight” session. We met over the course of a few weddings that we were working together. He kept popping up as the DJ, and I kept appearing as the photographer. Over time, I learned just how much he loves what he does, and how FUN it is to get to experience an event run by Mike. Mike was generous enough to allow me to question him and find out more about his small business so that I can share with all of you why I think he’s the best choice for a wedding or event DJ in our area.

Read on to hear from Mike in his own words more about Must Be the Music DJs!




Photo credit: Blueprint Photography

How long have you been a DJ? When did you get your start? How did you get in to weddings?

I feel like I have been a DJ all my life.  In 5th grade I remember bringing music in to school for people to listen to.  In 6th grade I remember boxing up all my tapes and bringing them to a friends house for his birthday party.  I officially started counting at the age of 14 though.  That is when I had my first paying gig.  That totals up to 22 years of DJing.

My interest in DJing peaked when I started going to the skating rink around 12 years old.  The music, lights, people…I loved it.  It was a little night club for kids. 

I started with weddings around the age of 20.  It was terrifying.  Completely different ball game then anything I had ever done.  I didn’t even realize how important it was at the time for the couple getting married.  When you are that young you don’t truly understand what this day means to people.  That comes with age and when you have your own wedding.  Then you finally realize how much money, time, and effort is put into things. 

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Photo credit: Blueprint Photography

What services do you provide for your clients? Where will you travel for a wedding?  Music, MCing, and Lighting are the main three services but I do a lot of behind the

scenes stuff that no one sees.  I like think of myself as not just in the DJ Industry but in the hospitality industry.  There is so much that goes into making a successful wedding happen.  Guiding the couple on what they need to look for in a wedding DJ, how much this person is going to be involved with things during the day, pointing them in a direction for great vendors that they may still need, checking in throughout the planning process, going over every detail with them before the wedding, checking in with the venue prior, making sure the officiant sees me before to get mic’d and do a sound check, giving all vendors that day my own timeline of events so everyone is on the same page, confirming names of people as I line them up and tell them where they are going.  The list goes on and on.  I take extreme pride in the appearance of myself and my setup too.  A DJs setup can be such an eyesore.  Yuck.

I travel wherever people need me to be.  I have been as far as Scranton Pa, Washington DC,  North Jersey, Ocean City, MD and everywhere in between. 

Photo credit: Blueprint Photography

What’s your favorite part about your job?

The unforgettable evening I can create for peoples weddings.  It gives me goosebumps seeing a crowd of people just loosing it on the dance floor and knowing that I am the person responsible for providing that atmosphere.  I love it all though.  From the vibe created during cocktail hour, the introductions, that special moment of their first dance as husband and wife, to the last song of the night.  It is truly something special to me.

What is a typical experience like for your brides and grooms? 

Hmm.  That’s a good question.  From the feedback I get afterwards I would say they feel like they are in great hands throughout the whole process.  I explain everything they need to know, what a great DJ can do for them, check in with them throughout the process, and the best part is I actually deliver.  People can promise the world.  You have to deliver every single time.  I think it boils down to I love what I do and I care about your wedding.  It’s win-win. 

Where can we find you online?  You can email me anytime or even go old school with a phone call.  I love talking weddings.