Part 2: Get IN the Photos! (Documenting Your Family From Home During the Stay-At-Home Mandate)

Part 2:

Get IN the Photos!

Last week I shared a blog post about taking better photos at home while we are in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic (You can find that post here!) Many of you are at home with new babies and growing families, patiently awaiting the day I can give word that we can safely take your newborn or family photos. But you should still be documenting these times, regardless of whether it’s with a “professional camera” or your iPhone!

This week, in Part 2 of my series, we’re talking about getting IN the photos. It is so, so important to have family photos with EVERYONE in them as a whole family unit. I’m going to share the tools you can use to make sure you’re getting family photos with yourself included, as well. Be sure to review the rules of lighting and angles from my previous post.

This would be a fun time to set up outdoors, on the deck, front porch, or wherever your favorite part of your home is. Watch the light for a few days before picking your location. That will help you to determine what time you should aim to have everyone dressed (or not?) and outside.

I know that the front of my house has bright morning sun. If I wanted to take our portraits on our front step, I would need to wait until the afternoon to avoid the bright sun in our eyes, making us squint and cast heavy shadows across our faces. The afternoon sun is in the back of our home, leaving the front step with “open shade–” perfect for photos.

To get started, you’ll need a camera app on your phone that can do a few helpful things: set a delayed timer, take multiple shots, and control the time in between each shot. I like to use this app:

When the app is launched, it looks like this:

I like to set the Delay for 10 seconds. That gives me enough time to start the camera and get in to place before it takes it’s first image.

# of pics tab: You can set this to however many photos you want your camera to take for this set-up. I like to go for between 4 and 8 shutter clicks.

Interval tab: I like to set this for for 1-3 seconds, which gives us time to adjust in between shutter clicks.

This will then store your images in your photo gallery, and you can use Lightroom Mobile or another editing app to enhance your image. I talked about editing your images in my previous post.


Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how you will set your camera for the right angle, right height, all without it toppling over.

This past Christmas I had asked hubby for this cell phone tripod:



You can find it on Amazon here, and shipping shouldn’t take too long.

While it’s shipping, you will have a few days to “watch the light” and choose your location while you are waiting for the tripod to arrive. When it does, you’ll be ready to take your family portrait, documenting the quarantined lifestyle! (And don’t worry. In a few years’ time, you’ll forget about all of the bribing, coaxing, and possible swear words that were uttered while trying to get one decent photo. I promise. 😉 )

Next week I’ll share Part 3: PRINT Your Photos! This will be the final part (maybe?) of the quarantined series. Keep your eyes peeled!

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