the Motherhood Portrait Experience

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The Session

Motherhood Sessions were so beautiful last year, I am so excited to be hosting these sessions again for you!

Motherhood Sessions focus on the mama and her children, with less of an emphasis on "smile and look at the camera!" and more of "snuggle mama and give her a kiss on her nose!"

You'll get to see those loving eyes, tiny hands, and sweet snuggles in these portraits.

We will be sure to get the "look and smile" images too, but the majority will be about your interactions.

Mama will be photographed with all children together, and then each child individually.

The final edits will be a magical blend of my signature "Painterly Lite" edit and my standard, studio edits to create a portrait that resembles a painting, while still keeping the true features of each individual. 

Arrival times: Please arrive at the time you selected when registering online. The session will run slightly differently depending on whether you chose to have hair and makeup done in studio, or on your own. Please stick to the time you had booked so families arriving after you can begin on time.

HAIR AND MAKE UP IN-STUDIO: Services will be provided by Clara Velva (@claravelva). Mamas should plan to arrive at the time selected during registration. SIGNIFICANT OTHERS should plan to bring children one hour later, and be prepared to help children change in to their photo clothing while mama gets herself dressed. Hair and makeup will take approximately an hour. The photo session itself will be another 45-60 minutes (including changing time, shooting time, and scheduling your Ordering Appointment). The next mama will be arriving to the studio for hair and makeup as your session is being photographed.

NO HAIR AND MAKEUP: Please plan to arrive at your scheduled time, ready to change in to photo outfits. Significant others should plan to come to help with children while mama changes. These sessions will be about 45 minutes (including changing time, shooting time, and scheduling your Ordering Appointment). I've left one hour inbetween sessions for the "just in case" moments.

What to Wear

This year's color palette will be creamy neutrals. I've put together this Pinterest Board (click the link for more inspo photos) for color inspiration and dresses for mama. Think: creams and light browns, and if you're looking for a bit of color, soft blues or soft pinks.

Dress inspiration is in the Pinterest link, as well.

The studio has a few non-maternity gowns and dresses that would work well. You are welcome to swing by the studio during normal working hours to try anything on! (Please email me ahead of time to schedule so I can be sure to be available!)

Tips for selecting outfits:

(Above are a few dresses from the Client Closet that would work well. I will update with a few more shortly!)

Mamas and daughters: Textures, lace, tulle, and flowy fabrics work best for these portraits. These fabrics give me the ability to create that "whimsical" look while editing. Avoiding patterns all together works best. Mamas: please be sure you are comfortable sitting and snuggle your babies in your dress!

Sons: (As my son would call it,) "Handsome clothes" are best. Khaki pants with a neutral button down shirt work well. Add in suspenders and/or a bow tie for a touch of extra magic!

Shoes: Will most likely be seen! Children can be barefoot if you'd like. Check bottoms of shoes for cleanliness and random colors - bottoms are often seen on little ones as they sit in laps for snuggles.

Color selections: Selecting one or two colors that are close in color tones for these images will help to keep the image flowing properly.

I.e. If you select a softer pink dress for yourself, stick to pinks and creams (adding in a third color, such as blue, will create a distraction within the image. The viewers eye will focus on the colors rather than the beautiful people in it.)

Another example: if you select a light blue, keep your creams and neutrals on the lighter side instead of adding in a darker component. Same goes for if you choose to go a bit darker - keep everyone in a little bit darker palette!

Undergarments: Be sure you have the correct undergarments!

PRO TIP: TRY ON ALL CLOTHING BEFORE YOUR SESSION! Knowing that clothing fits properly before your session will alleviate any wardrobe concerns or malfunctions.

Links to Dresses

Ideas for Inspo

These links are for just ideas for you, you can really find beautiful outfits anywhere! These are a good place to start looking! (Click on the names of each dress to be taken to the website!)

Meghan Velvet Wrap Maxi Dress (terracotta, bronze, deep green, and champagne would be great color choices)

Magdelena Tulle Maxi Dress (eucalyptus would be a great color)

Katrina Tulle Maxi Dress (dark green or pale blush is perfect)

Cass Dress (in Gardenia)

Lauryn Dress (in Sand)


Each Motherhood Experience has 6-8 digital files included, and one 16x20 collage mat (unframed). Matting options are:

  • (1) 8x10 and (3) 4x6 prints, or,
  • (2) 8x10 prints


Ordering Appointments will be scheduled for Friday April 27th or Saturday April 28th. Images will be lightly edited for selection, and will have final Painterly edits completed after you've made your choices.

Final edits will be delivered before Mother's Day, and your print selection will arrive shortly after.



UPGRADE your 16x20 mat to a Fine Art Panel:

  • 21x28 panel (+$200)
  • 19x15 panel (+$100)
  • 12x8 panel (+$50)


Or, ADD additional prints or Fine Art Panels -

  • Additional prints are 30% off
  • Fine Art Panels are 20% off

Tips for a Smooth Session

Pro Tips for a Smooth (and Fun) Session!
  • Parents - stay calm! Little ones can have big personalities on Photo Day. Don't worry about shyness, craziness, or refusals from the youngest of the bunch. There's always something else we can move on to!

  • Bribes are perfectly acceptable!
  • However, please save any food bribes for after the session.

  • Part of this session is to capture those sweet moments between you and your babies. If someone is upset or sad, I'll have you snuggle them and continue on with my work. :)