Why Should I Invest in Newborn Photography? My Phone Takes Great Pictures [Delaware Newborn Photographer, Philadelphia Area Newborn Photographer]

Just the other day, I was wiping my four-year-old’s hands clean after she had a messy lunch. “Look at how big your hands are getting!” I exclaimed. Then I turned to my 22-month old son, and noticed that his hands were also becoming “real people hands,” as I call it—or, not looking so babyish anymore.

Immediately, my husband began asking about the image of him and our daughter when she was a newborn. Her tiny little fingers were wrapped around his hand. We moved a year ago and I guiltily haven’t hung the old photos yet, but that image is one of his favorites.

newborn details
Photo credit: Jennifer Smith (La Bella Vita Photography)

Don’t worry, I HAVE hung a lot around our new(ish) home. This is my favorite. When Liam was born. THE sibling shot. Ugh. If only you knew the bribing, singing, treats, iPad movies, etc, that went into getting this shot! But it’s my FAVORITE. And it hangs in the hallway where all of the bedrooms are, so I can see it EVERY DAY. And I smile at it EVERY DAY. Now that Liam is old enough, he likes to stop and look, point out Abby, and “Baby Miam!” (Liam).

sibling and baby
Photo credit: Blueprint Photography



So. WHY, if your awesome iPhone takes awesome pictures, should you hire a high-quality, professional photographer? There’s tons of reasons I can come up with, but I’ll limit myself to just four. 🙂


A good, professional photographer will practice safety first. ALWAYS. Just like you trust your doctor, mid-wife, and delivery nurses to handle your baby, you should also be able to trust your newborn photographer. While there’s no official “Newborn Photography” degree, there are courses, trainings, and education that any professional who handles babies should take part in. Check out their credentials. Do they belong to any associations? Have they taken education courses and received certifications for their work? By hiring a good professional newborn photographer, you will be able to relax, sip your coffee, and enjoy the session knowing that the person handling your baby would never put them in a compromising position for the sake of a photo.

As a newborn photographer for over 7 years, I have studied, attended workshops, and obtained certain certifications to assure all of the new mothers walking through my doors that I will handle and care for their baby properly. Certain poses you see online should ONLY be done by a professional. So even if you have that really great new iPhone, trying to pose the baby like you see online should be left to someone who has been properly trained in posing and newborn safety.

The experience.

You just had a baby a few days ago. You’ve been stuffed in a hospital room for 2-3 days. And now you’re stuck at home with a new baby. It’s time to get out of the house!

Just kidding. It’s not just about getting out of the house. It’s about going to someone, knowing that they are going to be creating these stunning, memorable images for YOU. Yep, you. Not themselves, but for you. You’ll walk in their doors (whether it’s their home, a small rented studio, or a store front). You’ll be greeted by the photographer (or their staff, if they’re lucky enough those one!), and they will have everything there for you! The photographer you are going to see has done this over and over again. She (or he!) has the answers to your questions, the ideas to compliment you ideas, OR, to create ideas FOR you, and can provide you with assistance in creating the artwork of your baby that will be timeless, creative, and personal.

The experience you will have by hiring a photographer will save you. Really. It will save you TIME. STRESS. And you won’t have to pull your hair out trying to get “cute cell phone shots” for your portraits.

family photos with newborn

The stuff.

Oh, the stuff. You can spend HUNDREDS of dollars trying to prepare for a newborn shoot if you’re doing it on your own. Only to find out that, shoot, this outfit is too big and he’s swimming in it. Or, darn it, this does NOT look how it did online. Or, you may even fall victim to those really out-dated outfits (sorry, not sorry!) Professional newborn photographers have it all FOR you! After so many years of photographing, practicing, and studying, a good, high-quality photographer can easily pick out outfits or wraps that will photograph and coordinate with the props, colors, and styles that fit your homes and needs.

newborn props

The final product.

Each newborn session with about 30-40 completed images takes a professional photographer about 20-25 hours to complete. The styling, editing, and making sure that each and every detail is perfect for your eyes takes time. Lots of it. So how do you want to share your beautiful creation? The photographer has resources for products that will perfectly showcase these memories for you. No, not Shutterfly or Walmart. You will have access to HEIRLOOM products, using papers and inks that consumer printers don’t bother to use. (You DO want these images to last, right?) Whether you choose an album, canvases, professional prints, or even the digital files, the photographer’s experience and access to various labs will help you to properly display your beautiful artwork, so you can walk past those images EVERY DAY and remember those tiny fingers and toes, and that beautiful, fresh little face. And they won’t be stuck on your phone.

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Blueprint Photography is owned and operated by Jamie Lapsley who has been studying and perfecting her craft of newborn photography for the last 7 years and counting. The Blueprint Photography studio sits in a convenient location, enabling clients from Delaware, Philadelphia, and all over Chester County easy access to the Hockessin/Newark studio for their newborn photography session. Specializing in newborn photography, children’s photography and wedding photography, this Delaware photographer and Philadelphia area photographer has acquired several certifications, accolades, and praises, and can been seen in OBGYN offices all over Delaware and Chester County.