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I’ve been keepin’ it real since 2010—What I mean is, I’ve been keeping PHOTOGRAPHY real. My families choose to come to Blueprint Photography, and return year after year, because they know their images will represent their family not only in personality, but in quality and style as well.

I’ve coined my style “timeless and clean,” which doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what I mean. I’m not speaking in secret lingo—I avoid the crazy editing fads (you know what I’m talking about—desaturating the trees, “dirty” looking skin… eek) and keep the image “clean,” or “real,” which in turn makes your family portrait timeless (because you won’t look back in ten years and think “Oh geez, there’s that editing fad from 2020—what was I THINKING?!”)

Just real images, enhanced enough to “pop,” but still show off your gorgeous family exactly as they are. Plenty of editing is involved, but only to keep it “real.”

Outdoor family sessions are held on weeknights (evenings vary), between April and the first week of November. Locations can be around the greater Wilmington area. Weeknight beach sessions are offered in Lewes and Rehoboth Beach (click the Beach tab for information on beach sessions).

Indoor, studio portraits can be held year round, and are also held on weeknights.

I’ve learned a thing or two about family photography over the past ten years, and from my own two children, as well. Kids will be kids—and THAT’S OK! We’re here to document your family as it is NOW, and if your two year old wants to run and play—well, then we will run and play (don’t say I didn’t warn you—it can be quite a workout!)

Sometimes they’re perfect little angels. BUT. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes they yell “NO!”  Your job as parents are to enjoy those sweet babes as they are and have a fun evening. And if your “babes” are a bit older, they may drag their feet, cross their arms, roll their eyes—it’s OK too. We were all teenagers once, right?

(Make sure you tell all of this to Dad, too.)

Family beach session information can be found here.

Family portrait sessions schedule for weeknights (Monday through Thursday) from April until the first week of November. We will schedule about an hour to an hour and a half prior to sunset (depending on location).

We will spend the evening creating a variety of images for your gallery: from the formal, posed shots, to the candid, playful images, you will receive a gallery that shows your family’s personality. The artwork that we create during your session will be a treasure trove for your children when they grow older, and the albums, wall art, and prints will one day be cherished by them in their own homes.

Family sessions have a creative fee of $125 to reserve your session. The creative fee covers the time and talent of the photographer, including the planning for each session and gallery preparations. All wall art, products, and digital images are purchased separately. Packages begin at $450.

Family sessions are for immediate family members only; please inquire for session fees for extended family sessions.

Approximately two weeks after your photo session, you will be invited back to the studio to view a slideshow of your images. Ordering appointments are scheduled for Fridays at 10am, 12pm, or 2pm. Please plan your schedules accordingly; as a boutique photography studio, Blueprint Photography does not offer online viewing galleries. We work together to choose your favorite images and select your beautiful artwork to display.

I often receive the question: Why not online galleries? It’s not just my job, but it’s my duty as a photographer to provide you with something to make you grin from ear to ear every time you see it. When is the last time you took your wedding USB out of the drawer when your friends and family were over? Are they able to walk in and see you proudly displaying those hundreds of images on your USB? Can you walk down your halls and smile at the memory that those images hold, when they are stuck on the Cloud, or in a drawer on a thumbdrive? All of my products that are offered are heirloom products–which means you will be able to pass these images along to your children and your children’s children. In the meantime, seeing tangible items on your walls will give you much more joy than seeing a glass USB stick.

Blueprint Photography is a photographer located on the border of Delaware and Pennsylvania. Serving Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, and Southern Chester County.


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