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Welcome! My name is Jamie, owner and photographer at Blueprint Photography. I specialize in wedding photography all over Delaware and the Philadelphia regions. Thank you for taking a moment to find out a bit more about my services!

Since you’ve landed on my Weddings page, my guess is that you or someone you know is planning the biggest day of your life so far! With so many choices to make, I’d love to help you with your decision for a photographer.

Keep scrolling for some information and portfolio images. Then, please feel free to click around the site and send me an email to schedule a time for us to meet! I can’t wait to hear from you!


When searching the area for your perfect wedding photographer, you’ll undoubtedly have many wonderful people and companies to choose from. One of the most important factors of your decision, though, is discovering how you’d like your photographer to interact with you through out the day.

My objective of every wedding is, of course, to capture the moments, the emotions, the people, and the events of the day. But it’s also so much more than that! I aim to make you, your family members, and your friends feel like we’ve known each other forever, which helps everyone feel relaxed when I pick up the camera to freeze a memory for you. We will create a timeline of the day together, but always know that it’s flexible! Not only am I your photographer, but I’m your Wing(Wo)man for the day. I’ll make sure you’re where you need to be without letting you worry about the time. You’ll feel confident in my abilities by giving you minimal direction—just enough to create the perfect, magical image for your album, without being too “in the way.” While I want everyone to feel like long-time friends, I also know when to move out of the way and become the fly on the wall to capture the genuine moments and emotions that occur through out the day.

My approach is fun, (mostly) candid, and creative, all the while being organized and professional for your wedding day.


Editing: There’s SO many styles that photographers offer! Look around and you’ll see what I mean. Some have galleries full of “bright and airy” images. Others are “dark and moody.” How I portray my weddings is simple.

True. Timeless. No fads.

When photographing a wedding, I want your final images to look as they did on your wedding day. Editing styles come and go, but a true-to-life photograph will remain timeless. I consider my editing style to be clean and crisp, so your memories are preserved untarnished.

Photographing: Along with having a true-to-life editing style, I photograph a wedding day with an eye for candid events with a spin of creativity. By using angles, light and very minimal direction for the majority of the day, your gallery will reveal the trueness of your friends and family. While it’s not 100% photojournalism (which means the entire scene goes untouched and undirected), it’s pretty close to it.

I also enjoy taking a small portion of the day to create the stunning, breath-taking “formal” images of the newly married couple (or, if it’s a First Look, the soon-to-be-married couple!) A good ol’ traditional, smiling at the camera portrait is of course a good addition to any gallery. We will spend a few minutes creating those images, but the majority of our formal portrait session will be spent making images that reflect the connection between the two of you and your personalities. I call it the “Posed, UnPosed” portion of the day. The image starts off very traditional, but with a few good games and prompts, the real you will shine through.

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