Response to Covid-19: Blueprint Photography

Preparing to Re-Open

As Delaware and the surrounding states begin a “slow reopening” process, small businesses that can practice social distancing will be permitted to conduct business. The studio will soon be reopening for portrait sessions; however, there will be several policies and procedures in place for the protection of each and every family that comes through the studio doors. Your family’s safety is the PRIORITY at Blueprint Photography.

Many of the sessions that are held in the studio can easily be social distanced, but a typical newborn session is one of a kind. Because of the close proximities that newborn sessions entail, Blueprint Photography will temporarily refrain from photographing during the first two weeks of life. Instead, newborn sessions will be held between 6 to 8 weeks after birth.

Due dates that are June or later will be assessed at the time of birth for whether we will shoot at two weeks or six weeks. It is still recommended to PRE-BOOK your session with your due date in the calendar, as studio sessions are limited during this time. As we approach each session, we will re-assess to determine our session date.

Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and I will be in touch with more information!

So, what will these sessions look like?

Sessions will begin in the White Studio with family images on the “bed,” the “living room sofa,” and baby portraits alone. We will finish the session in the upstairs studio on the classic white backdrop for a classic family portrait, and a wrap up with a few more images of the baby alone. We will still achieve some of the basket and blanket poses that you have swooned over and loved. The baskets will be a bit larger to accommodate an older baby, and parents will be more involved in the posing process than before. (i.e: helping to adjust arms and legs, singing to make the baby smile and giggle, etc). The biggest difference? Your baby may be SMILING!

Then, why wait until 6 weeks of age?

Babies’ muscles and bones will have formed and become a bit stronger, enabling the baby to lay flat on his back with good head positioning and leg posture. Parents are often more comfortable and acclimated to handling their new baby by this time, which enables parents to do the changing and adjusting of the baby confidently.

How different will my gallery be?

Not much. Every newborn session begins in the White Studio and ends upstairs on the props. The only aspect that will be different is the types of poses that I will do, helping to eliminate unnecessary contact. You will receive a STUNNING gallery of images, that will be priceless as your baby grows older. Your baby may be awake, giggling and smiling, and a bit sturdier.

blueprint photography white studio

What should I bring to my session?

Still, not much. Bring enough food to keep your baby full (if you are nursing, bring whatever you need to comfortably nurse, if you are bottle feeding, please bring an ample supply). A pacifier helps to soothe and calm babies, and be sure to pack extra diapers and burp cloths. You may want to bring some snacks and a water bottle for yourselves.

I will supply a solid white onesie for the baby. I have all sizes, ranging from newborn to 12 months. You do not need to bring any clothing for the baby, but you will supply outfits for parents and any older siblings.

What new policies will be in place in the studio?

As a newborn photographer, I’ve ALWAYS maintained a strict cleaning regimen. It’s included in my practice to consistently wash hands, use sanitizer, and thoroughly clean and wash blankets before every session. However, with our current situation, these policies will be put in to overdrive, and will also extend to visiting families.

Please abide by ALL rules and procedures, for the safety of your own family, my family, and the families coming in after you.

  • Before each session, all camera equipment used will be wiped with sanitizing wipes. Floors will be mopped extensively, and any surfaces will be sprayed and wiped with disinfectant spray. 
  • Upon entering the studio, ALL family members and myself will thoroughly wash hands in the downstairs studio sink.
  • I will pause the sessions periodically to wash my hands, approximately every 10-15 minutes, or as I change sets and equipment. Parents and siblings will also be required to wash hands through out the session, mainly before handling the baby each time. Although we are limiting contact, I will make adjustments in poses and help with placing the baby in particular locations. When able, parents will be guided to help with this.
  • After each session, all blankets, clothing items, pillows, etc will be washed before the next family’s session. All seating and common areas will be sprayed, and the entire studio will be re-cleaned.
  • I will remain masked for the duration of the session. It is recommended that family members wear a mask while they are NOT being photographed.
  • While restrictions are still in place, we will hold our Reveal and Ordering appointments via Zoom, instead of coming back to the studio. 

Please complete the form below and I will reach out to discuss scheduling your Baby Session!