How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session with Blueprint Photography [Delaware Newborn Photographer, Chester County Newborn Photographer]

Thank you for choosing Blueprint Photography to create the artwork for your family’s newest arrival.

Over the years, I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to helping your session run smoothly. With just a bit of pre-planning, we should be able to complete your full session in 2-3 hours (occasionally a 4th hour is needed for a baby who prefers to be awake. 🙂 )

WHAT’S NEXT: When you contact me via email to let me know of baby’s arrival, I will send you a link to a quick questionnaire. You will select color preferences in this link which allows me to prepare in advance for your session. When you arrive for your session, we will review the designs I’ve pre-selected, and you can make any changes to the set-ups that you’d like. All color choices are kept neutral for timeless images.

WHAT TO WEAR: Most often, mom’s and dad’s are wondering what to wear. Jeans or khakis are perfect for the family photos. Most images are taken at half-length, although occasionally the waist does appear in an image. 

Click HERE for background options and tips for clothing to match each color. Clothing Do’s and Don’ts are on that link, but they’re important, so I’ll include them here, too:

  • DO Wear clothing that fits properly

  • DO Wear your hair and makeup as you normally would. Pinning the front of your hair back will help to keep it out of your face, but not required.

  • DO Regular Hanes t-shirts or tank tops are perfect, as well as simple blouses for women

  • DON’T Wear bold, bright colors

  • DON’T Wear stripes, patterns, or shirts with logos

  • DON’T Wear collared shirts (the collar will block off your face as you’re looking down at your baby!)

WHAT TO BRING: Bring lots of food. Lots. Like, if you think she needs 4 oz, bring 8oz. Or 10. Or 12. If you are bottle feeding, bring the whole can! If you are nursing, I have chairs for you to nurse in, just bring whatever you need to comfortably nurse (covers, boppy pillows, etc). Bring extra diapers and wipes, although I have a backup supply of Pampers, in case of an emergency. 😉 I also supply bottled waters, but feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks, if desired.

WHAT TO LEAVE AT HOME: I have all of the props and supplies that baby will need. I have a wide variety of blankets, baskets, fluff, outfits, headbands, etc. There is no need to bring anything for the baby, as it is not guaranteed that we will use it. Many outfits do not fit properly, and other props can date a photo. I select my props and colors carefully to keep your artwork timeless.

AT THE STUDIO: In order for baby to sleep soundly, I keep the studio at approximately 80 degrees. Please dress in layers for comfort. I also have fans available for your use. Most babies sleep more soundly with a warmer environment and white noise (which mimics being inside the womb), so be prepared for the warmth! 

WHILE YOU’RE HERE: Feel free to look around the studio! I have samples of canvases, prints and albums available for you to browse through. This is a good time to begin thinking of how you’d like to display and share your beautiful artwork that is currently bring created! We will schedule your Reveal & Ordering Appointment two weeks from your session date. This session is where you will decide on your products, and order your images of your sweet little babe.

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